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Overcoming FEAR

Overcoming FEAR

Balance Emotion and Intellect

Fear is an enigma in that it is an emotion that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. The paradox is that being cured of fear is not accomplished by focusing on fear. It is accomplished by focusing upon the characteristics present in the absence of fear. Pardon me if I sound confusing. Let me explain.

Walking into a dark room, the first thing one does is reach for the light switch because darkness will flee when light is present. Darkness is literally the absence of light. In this puzzle, fear is darkness. Light is self-discipline, faith and self-worth. Without self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness (of your intrinsic value), fear is the indomitable beast.

Teaching others the necessary steps to bridge an abyss between darkness and light, self-doubt and self assurance, is not my specialty. However, discussing the frame of mind needed to follow a spiritual compass which ultimately leads to “the promised land” is a task that falls in my comfort zone. Ultimately, human beings are created to self-medicate (let go and let God). We must keep that in mind all along our way. View the full article here…

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