Fear or Faith

Entrepreneur: a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. The definition of risk will not allow entrepreneur and fear to be spoken in the same breath without acknowledging that it’s an oxymoron. False expectations appearing real, regardless of how painful it is “in the first person”, is still an erroneous projection into the future.

Entrepreneurs operate in the present tense. Managing risk is an entrepreneur’s job description. Thus, managing risk and fear are incongruent. Assessing the possibility of future events must not include anxiety if good decision-making is the goal. A novice is foolish to expect to cover all future contingencies. Still, it is best to make an informed decision and learn from the result.

Erik Kieser is a recovering fear-aholic who offers compassion and instruction for bewildered sufferers. FearMastery.Wordpress.com is his site and with it he provides outreach, and relief, for a handful of sufferers who simply need dialogue (at the very least). They are courageous enough to admit their malady and seek self-renewal.  View the full article here…





The Choice Business Must Make:

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