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Banana: Anti-Cancer Agent

Let’s presume that you’ve heard the claim that full ripe bananas with dark patches on their yellow skin produces a substance called T N F, or tumor necrosis factor. T N F has the ability to combat abnormal cells, and that would include cancer cells. As a banana ripens and accumulates more dark patches, the immunity enhancement quality increases. Hence, a ripe banana adds to our body’s ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


The two links listed above are two of many articles on the Internet discussing the claims of the cancer fighting qualities of ripe bananas. The article at link number one agrees with the claim and provides proof of the “ripe banana” claim. The article at link number two disagrees with the claim and provides proof that the “ripe banana” claim is false.

1. Pointing out that the nutrient content in fruits changes as they ripen, this article acknowledges that as fruits ripen, antioxidant levels naturally increase. Blood glucose levels may rise as the sugar content increases. This may be harmful for diabetics. Vitamins and minerals decrease as a banana ripens as well.

T N F is a cytokine, a protein secreted by cells in the immune system, carrying signals locally between cells. Cytokine induction, or how easily the proteins flows between cells, is enhanced by eating bananas with dark spots on their skin. Hence, the banana acts as a stimulant in the production of white blood cells. Note: sugar is a mild stimulant.

2. Suggesting that ‘everything you read on the Internet is not always true’, this article references the study, conducted in Japan, where the T N F claim was believed to be initiated. The study does not claim that there is tumor necrosis factor in a banana. Bananas produce small amounts of serotonin and dopamine, depending on how ripe they are. These two substances have a stimulating effect on a living organism so that the T N F (cytokine) is produced.

The article does conclude that the content of “ripe bananas” can (but not necessarily will) stimulate some white blood cells to produce chemical signals to deal with a variety of threats.”

I’ve presented both sides of this issue because I have heard it said, “The truth is somewhere in the middle.” In this case, it’s important to read very carefully. There are numerous ways to sidestep the threat of cancer.

Ripe Bananas do not produce T N F. What they do is to stimulate some white blood cells so that they produce chemical signals indicating the presence of a threat. In other words, ripe bananas help the immune system to function more efficiently.Click Here!

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