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In the pursuit of
health, wealth, and happiness,
each drop adds a ripple.
Add ripples; become a wave.
Add waves; become a tidal wave.
You deserve it.


Oyea2.com and TeenLove.oyea2.com
are expressions of
Integrity, Creativity, and Passion.
They animate the soul.

Life and websites devoted to discovering
and expressing the love within exist so
each individual can better express love
outwardly in the world.

The sites are the property of and managed
by OYEA 2 Enterprises, LLC.

OYEA 2 Enterprises, LLC
is a research organization.

It’s mission is to provide quality
information on the pursuit of
health, wealth, and happiness
for raising self-awareness worldwide.

The vision is to express the mission
through the distribution of information
products (literature, music, and video).

The home office is located at:
2700 Cedarwild Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28212.
The phone number is 888.887.3281.
Email correspondence is received via: 

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